Our new studio is located in McDonald Plaza, 901 N. McDonald Street, Suite 705, McKinney. We have worked hard for this space, and want to keep it looking nice and being safe for everyone. Please do your part to pick up after yourself and behave in ways that respect the sacrifices that went into acquiring our new space. If you break or damage the property, it will be your responsibility to repair it at your expense. By being respectful of our nice, new studio, we can all enjoy it for a long time.

Pre-School Program

Arriving for classes - All dancers should arrive ten to fifteen minutes before class begins. They should be ready for class with hair up, ballet shoes or pointe shoes on and be standing by the door of the studio by the time class begins.

Parents are expected
to read the wipe-off board in the waiting room, the bulletin board, the emails sent from TYBC, and other information designed to keep you aware of deadlines and responsibilities.

Dress Code - All students are expected to follow the dress code for their class level.

No chewing gum in the dance studio. Dispose of it before you enter the building but NOT on the sidewalk or parking lot, please.

Tuition - Class tuition is averaged out with the following services in mind; dance instruction, studio management, performance instruction, performance coaching. There are no short months because the work is constant. Tuition in full is expected each month, for those who are not paying by semester or year (10% discount).

Absences - Students who miss classes during the month are expected to make up those classes during equivalent level class times at other times during the week, or during the following weeks of the semester. There are no refunds for missed classes. Stockpiling of missed classes will NOT result in a discount of tuition at the end of the semester. Those who cannot attend regularly should consider using a punch card to pay for classes.

Performances - Performance fees are kept to a minimum in accordance with the expenses of the production. There may be some fluctuation from one performance to another, due to differences in cost, however, we do everything we can to minimize costs, and are always happy for donations of materials or labor. (See donate now for more details)

Skill levels and class attendance are taken into consideration when casting for our ballets. No student is so indispensable that they are excused from following the rules of attendance for class or performance, or any of the other rules mentioned here.

Our atmosphere of family involvement and support for ALL of our dancers is what sets our school apart from high-pressure, competitive schools. We do our best to see that our choreography showcases everyone, and try to see to it that everyone has their moment to shine.

Courtesy - All students who come to the TYBC are here to dance, and benefit from an environment that is clean, healthy, positive, enthusiastic, and fun. We teach respect, responsibility, self-control, and loyalty in the classroom. Rude or disrespectful behavior toward the teachers or fellow students is grounds for dismissal.