Our Intermediate levels continue the ballet training with care and attention to the details of what traits and skills make a good dancer. These have to do with not only the way in which the exercises are approached, but also with how dance as a whole is approached. The steps are faster, the combinations longer, and greater strength is required to master the technique for this level. It is not uncommon to stay three or four years in this level. Students entering the school at levels Rose and up must take a placement class and receive permission from Mrs. Dulin.

Rose 1
Students in the Rose 1 level are ready to build the strength and muscle leading to future pointe work, or for the boys, virtuoso movements and overall strength. However, the road is long and there is a lot to do to get from the basics of the Beginning levels to the finesse of the Advanced levels. Intermediate training has to be precise because the steps that follow, when improperly done, can cause injury to the unprepared dancer. It is not uncommon to stay two years in Rose 1. Rose 1 dancers are eligible to become members of the Apprentice company.

Rose 2
Students in Rose 2 level are considered pre-pointe (girls only). Boys are working on releve and ballon. Students in Rose 2 are expected to be ready for the most serious type of work. The combinations become more complicated, faster and more controlled. Dancers at this level are eligible to be in the Junior company.

Navy level students are in their first year of pointe. However, students from other schools will find that our dancers are stronger on pointe than average, and may struggle to keep up with our students. For this reason, Navy is by permission only. Navy and up are allowed in the Junior or Senior company, depending on skill.

Royal students are in their second year of pointe, and may take class with the advanced level at times and with permission.

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