Auditions for the Youth Ballet of Texas company are handled within a class setting. The Youth Ballet of Texas is linked with the Texas Youth Ballet Conservatory and holds to the standards of classical technique taught at TYBC.  Students from other schools are welcome to audition for YBT, with the understanding that there is an expectation of training at TYBC should they be asked to join the company.

(Guest dancers are excused from training requirements, and are welcome to take class as they please.)

Rules and Expectations

Company Members are Expected to:
  • Attend class regularly and make a concentrated effort to work to your level every class;
  • Attend all company meetings, rehearsals and performances except in cases of health or family emergency;
  • Take care to keep up a neat and tidy appearance both in class and at company functions.
  • Support and get along with the Apprentices and other Company members as part of the ballet family;
  • Approach rehearsals and classes with a professional, and respectful manner.
  • Attend warm-ups before rehearsals and performances;
  • Be a positive role model for younger dancers.

Company Parents are Expected to:
  • Donate to YBT financially once a year at Apprentice Level or above (see for details;
  • Help at least four hours per season with company business;
  • Support the students by attending company performances and functions whenever possible.

Please make it clear to Mrs. Dulin at the time of your Free Trial Class that you wish to be considered for the company as well. Mrs. Dulin sends out company invitation letters once a year, but is quite willing to consider students who come to visit at other times.

Click to Download the company application.