The advanced years of training require several hours of class per week as the dancer’s body becomes the instrument of their art. These are the levels when the students learn the most difficult steps, when they are studying from Guest professionals and Master instructors from around the world, and when they are blessing us with the joy of watching them perform. Our advanced students, whether intending on a professional career or not, must have a high level of muscle tone to perform their steps. Once formed, this muscle tone stays with a dancer for life, even if they stop dancing, providing numerous health benefits as they age. Flexibility and extension are perfected to each dancer’s individual body, and they learn the art of individual expression through dance. It’s exciting, active, and enriching to reach this level of mastery.

These levels are spent perfecting the more advanced technical aspects of ballet training. The skill and determination required to achieve this level of dance training becomes apparent in their mastery of their bodies. Advanced students are expected to spend many hours at their craft. Those who achieve these top levels have the best chance of a career in the art of ballet, if they are so inclined. Those who choose not to continue to dance, take with them a strong love and appreciation of the art form and understanding of success at a high level of achievement. Most students who reach this level are capable of winning college scholarships. They become the teachers, supporters and nurturers of the next generation of dancers, offering continuance of this beautiful means of expression.

Light Blue

Light blue level dancers are able to use their strength and skills to attempt the more complicated steps of the ballet repertoire. Although not fully developed yet, the technique has reached a point where multiple pirouettes and some of the virtuoso elements of performance may be learned. These students are eligible for Senior company.


Lavender 1 students are finishing and perfecting the art of making every movement precisely correct. They know their strengths and weaknesses and are striving to bring their technique up to pre-professional standards.

Lavender 2

Lavender 2 students are growing solid in their mastery of the more advanced steps in the ballet repertoire. Their dancing is fluid, graceful and strong, but there are still technical aspects of their dance training to work on.


Students in the white level are in the final years of student training. Dancing 22 hours a week, they are putting the finishing touches on their training and looking beyond the school to trainee programs with dance companies, scholarship auditions to colleges, or moving out into the world beyond ballet with strength, poise, and a deep knowledge and love of the art of ballet.

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